Zumba® fitness with All MoVe in Sheffield

*Please contact us before attending your first session*


There will be no sessions until Monday 5th September. Many thanks to all the wonderful women that have attended over the last year. See you all on the 5th September!!

Class at Dore and Totley United Reformed Church (URC).

Please email Christine at: christine.allmove@live.co.uk before attending your first session. Please state your first name, last name and telephone number.

Table 1 below shows our classes, listed alphabetically by venue.

Please visit this site regularly for updates that we have about our Zumba® fitness and classes.

Table 1. Zumba® fitness classes by venue

Venue                                  Time            Day             Class

Dore and Totley URC      10am            Mon           Zumba® fitness

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